Fabulous Focus

The Sun is shining, the sky is blue, the clocks go forward tonight and Spring seems to be well and truly on its way.

Spring means light evenings and lighter dog walks, and hopefully a lot less mud! My dogs love beach trips and to be able to fully enjoy the freedom of our dog friendly beaches, my dogs do need to be focussed on me and where I am rather than just running about madly doing their own thing. They also need a recall, but we’ll talk about that in another email.

Fabulous Focus doesn’t mean that the dog is always looking at us and not allowed to be a dog. No, focus means that the dog checks in with us and is always aware of where we are and what we are doing and is able to respond to our cues. This means we can keep our dog out of trouble and keep them from harassing other dogs and their owners, without stopping them from being a dog.

So how do we get this Fabulous Focus?

A simple and effect way is to reward your dog with something tasty or a short game, every time they turn to look at you. Start this at home and then progress to in the garden, and out on walks.Your dog will soon to offering to check in at regular intervals.

Remember that by rewarding the behaviour that we want, we increase the chances of it happening again. Make a check-in a requirement of all sorts of every day things such as going through doors, having the lead put on and taken off.

For more ideas on how to train Fabulous Focus, join us on our EPIC Self-Control and Focus course.

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Author: caninetutor

Fully qualified dog trainer and educator, delivering workshops around the UK.

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